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Derrick Pal is a creative marketing Strategist with Wiltshire Media, a company that deals in new media and its applications in today’s business. Wiltshire Media is located in Vegas and its location at the heart of the city was indeed the best thing ever as it is surrounded by a lot of bars, casinos and clubs which are actually the ‘feel good’ kind of businesses (social businesses as they are mostly called) that are direct benefactors of the kind of services provided by Wiltshire Media.

As a creative marketing strategist, a lot of businesses in Vegas have attributed their successes to Derrick as he had indeed helped most get huge breaks in marketing their Social Businesses. Derrick also has about 15 published books on social media marketing, most of which were published in volumes and are a recommended ‘must haves’ for social businesses today.


Kate is a youth and a party goer. On a particular Friday night she sends a message to Pat saying ‘’Hello Pat, could you meet me at K club for a hangout?’’
Pat on receiving the message replied ‘’Cool, I could also get Ben to come along if you don’t mind.’’

Kate replies at that point ‘’Yeah, we should totally hit him up.’’

Ben on the other hand gets a WhatsApp message from Kate at 6pm and a Tweet from Pat at 6.30 pm.


Now these are both his friends and by some unspoken rule,


he feels obliged to honour their invitation and so at 8 pm, Ben meets Kate and Pat at the K club.


communication between three friends

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Now with this analogy, it is very glaring just how these three friends have been able to coordinate using word of mouth and how they were able to metamorphose this into actuality with the introduction of social media. In a slightly different conversation of the same nature, you would be shocked to find out that actual words weren’t even used. It could have been a communication between three friends who used codes instead.

As has become common practice, youths today feel absolutely comfortable using shortcuts and shorthand languages that have been manufactured by these sect. These short cuts are the likes of ‘b’ in place of ‘be’, ‘tk’ in place of ‘take’, ‘u’ in place of ‘you’, to mention but a few.

Great Communication and Marketing for Your Social Business


All it takes is a Smart Ass social business owner to actually see social media as the next big thing in terms of great communication and marketing for his business. Now let us picture a perfect situation where by the said K club did ‘pin an interest’ (deliberate word play) in social media and all it entails;
If indeed K club is in tune with social media then they could send a tweet about their fabulous Friday night band to Kate with a 1 ticket admits 2 promo offer. Then Kate sends the message to her friend Pat who follows her. Pat gets even more excited than Kate and then retweets the invitation tweet form Kate for Ben to see it. But then, Ben not only sees it, but also does the 1000 followers of Pat as well as the 300 followers of Ben.

What does that tell you? It simply means that as a marketer for a particular Social Business with say about 400 followers on twitter, a single tweet to one follower has given you an exposure worth 13000 followers minus your original 400 followers. The thrilling part is that all of this happened without having to spend an extra dime on marketing. So it is safe to say that with social media, Social businesses actually have the luxury of penniless marketing and advertising.

In this context, we are definitely not talking Twitter alone as we have a wide array of social media apps to choose from. The likes of WhatsApp can be helpful too using the broadcast tool, Instagram can also boost the growth of a Social Business by simply uploading great pictures from time spent. Twitter of course is another amazing tool and so is Facebook. All you need to do is decide what platform you want to use and just how you want to use it.

This goes without saying that in today’s world, you would be way behind if you think that social media isn’t for you. So if you haven’t, it would actually be super helpful that you do and see just how much this could take that club, bar or whatever social media business you run from just a name to a city hold name depending on how well you can milk this tool call social media.

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